2nd Annual Members Holiday Social and Board of Directors Meeting

ISMA President Rother gives Welcome Remarks and Introductions.


President Michael P. Rother recognizes ISMA Director Victoria M. Smock by presenting her the prestigious ISMA ‘Outstanding Leadership Award’ Plaque for her outstanding dedication, leadership, hard work and service to the InfraGard Springfield Members Alliance.



Keynote speaker Tony Bryan, MC2 Executive Director, speaking on “Training the Cybersecurity Workforce of Today and Inspiring the Cybersecurity of Tomorrow”



ISMA President Rother presenting Tony Bryan with an 20th Anniversary InfraGard National Challenge Coin


Keynote speaker Imani Palmer, PHD, speaking on “Digital Forensics Case Studies addressing Security Workforce Challenges & Solutions”


ISMA President Rother presenting Imani Palmer with an 20th Anniversary InfraGard National Challenge Coin.


FBI SI Chaplain Kip Troeger giving the Invocation


FBI ASAC Jon Holloway giving his congratulatory remarks to the InfraGard Springfield Members Alliance



FBI SA OPS Coordinator Christopher D. Trifiletti introducing the Keynote Speakers.  SA Trifiletti was also given special recognition by ISMA President Rother for being the Recipient of the 1st INMA Regional FBI PSC of the Year Award presented at the 2018 National InfraGard Congress.


President Rother and FBI Springfield Leadership Team Group Photo…left to right, FBI SI Craig King, FBI ASAC Jon Holloway, ISMA President Michael P. Rother, FBI SSA Regina Burris and FBI SA Christopher D. Trifiletti


ISMA and FBI Group Photo…left to right…Kevin Bennett, ISMA Secretary, Roftiel Constantine, ISMA Vice President, Jourdan Rothschild, ISMA Lead Sector Chief Coordinator, Frank Walters, ISMA IT Sector Chief, Alan Waggoner, Food and Agriculture Co-Sector Chief, Matt Richter, ISMA Webmaster, FBI SA Craig King, ASAC Jon Holloway, ISMA President Michael P. Rother, SA Christopher Trifiletti, SSA Regina Burris, SSA Matthew Aken, Victoria Smock, ISMA Director and Sue McGill ISMA Treasurer


Photos of Silent Auction Table…ISMA President recognized our dedicated sponsors ADM, and PPI for their continued support and generous donations to make our event successful


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