2019 Leadership Academy


On November 6, 2019, ISMA President Michael P. Rother was honored by being awarded the FBI Certificate of Participation for the Infragard Leadership Members Alliance Academy (ILMAAA) presented under the seal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation at the FBI Academy in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

A photo of the the North Central Region ILA Graduates…includes INMA President Maureen O’Connell behind my right shoulder and Kimberly Pratt dressed in red top.


Graduation Photo.
From left to right are as follows:
FBI SAC, Los Angeles, Voviette D. Morgan (FBI Senior Executive Greater Los Angeles Area).
INMA Executive Director, Kimberly Pratt
INMA President, Maureen O’Connell
INMA Chair, Gary Gardner


FBI SAC Voviette Morgan, Keynote speaker at ILA Graduation